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So, I posted a picture on Facebook. This picture:

The caption was, "Sometimes you have to sit back, relax, and laugh at the monster."
For this, I was admonished, and rightfully so, saying that James Holmes is mentally ill, and his appearance isn't really a laughing matter. Now, my friends do this to me all the time: I do something stupid, they call me out on it, I realize I'm showing my ass, and I recant.
This time? I'm not as sure.
Well, on the recanting part, not the "showing my ass" part. See, in this setting? Fuck James Holmes. Fuck him. Usually I'm showing my ass regarding some poor soul who doesn't deserve my idiocy. But here? ... fuck this guy. 
... that's a phrase I'm gonna be using a lot here.
Again I must say: were this some poor soul that had a mental illness with bad hair and a thousand yard gaze, I'd not be mocking him. Heck, I'd probably be the one admonishing the person showing it. But here, my usual mercy and sympathy is broken, because this man took the lives of a dozen people, and hurt dozens more, and for what reason? Infamy? Rage? Said mental imbalance? None of them are good reasons. There never are any. And honestly, for his sins, I don't think I'd ever have reason to forgive him. I don't think I have that space in my heart.
But, I think my friend's point in this is... it's not about him. It's never been. It's about setting that precedent, that it's funny to make fun of the mentally incapable, that gets dangerous and Godwin's Law-ish. That I'll abide by. That was never my intent. My intent was to give some relief to people. To take this... person, this person who had taken away so many people's power, and say "Look. Here is your beast, the thing that stalks your nightmares, laid low, shown a buffoon, for your amusement." I guess I missed the mark on that one. Still, right here, I say: I am sorry. I did not mean to make light of any aspect of this tragedy. I just... who doesn't need a salve at times like this?
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Just A Neutral Observation

Consider the three most prolific works of Lauren Faust: My Little Pony (which, by the way, is freaking fantastic and I don't even know why), Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends, and Powerpuff Girls.

All three have governments run by women.

MLP's is obvious... it's a girl-oriented show, so it's got girl-oriented leadership. Not only is there Princess Celestia as the pseudo-god of the planet, the mayor of Ponyville is a well respected woman as well.

Then there's Foster's. Even if kindly old Mrs. Foster is a bit off her nut, the de facto leader is Frankie, her long-suffering niece.

"But Charles!" you say. "Your precious waveform collapses when you get to Powerpuff Girls! Obviously the Mayor is in charge of Townsville!"

And I would have cut you off at the word Powerpuff to say Sarah Bellum, literally the power behind the throne. The Mayor is about as in charge of Townsville as I am in charge of the company I work for. I may be way more visible than the CEO, but HE'S the one REALLY pulling the strings.

So yeah. Women run things in all three of Faust's biggest shows. Just thought that was interesting.
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CSI: Hogwarts

So, in honor of this brilliant April Fool's joke, and the Topless Robot article on it, I give you... PITHY AND CLEVER MAD EYE CAINE QUIPS!


"Mad Eye, it looks like the victim was pushed off the building."

"I guess someone... *sunglasses* forgot their broom!"



"Mad Eye, that guy they found dead on the Quidditch pitch? Turns out he was an informant for the Ministry of Magic..."

"Looks like someone... *sunglasses* caught the snitch."



"From the discoloration around the mouth, it looks like the Beauxbatons headmistress was poisoned."

"I guess someone gave her... *sunglasses* a French kiss."



Feel free to post your own!
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For Your Own Good

A question to my atheist homies: it has been posited that the only way our planet can live sinless and without strife is if God strips us of our free will, which would rob him of his greatest desire for us, which is for us to love him willingly.

What is your response to this assertion?
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Uncharted: The Film

I don't know if you've heard, but they're making a movie out of the Uncharted video game franchise. Or, at least, they SAY they are.

Here's a quick synopsis of the plot...

“This idea really turns me on that there’s a family that’s a force to be reckoned with in the world of international art and antiquities … [a family] that deals with heads of state and heads of museums and metes out justice…. We’ll have the family dynamic, which we’ve done in a couple of movies now.  And then you take that and put it on the bigger, more muscular stage of an international action picture, but also put all the character stuff in it. That’s a really cool idea to me.”

Yeah, if you've played Uncharted for even a minute, you know family dynamics don't have a damn thing to do with the narrative. This very issue was the focus of an episode of Bob Chipman's "The Big Picture" video series. Even though the whole issue is getting bogged down in what's relatively a side issue, I still voiced my thoughts in a comment long enough to post.

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BTW, that meme promise is coming. I was hoping for more submissions, but I guess no one loves me... or no one wants me to make a fool of myself. One of the two. Tee tee why ell!

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PAX East: Day Zero

I’d say I woke up around 3 to get to the airport, but I barely slept at all that night. I rarely do before big trips like this. The excitement just gets to me, and it’s usually well rewarded with an awesome experience. My flight was leaving around 7, so I planned to have my mother* drop me off at 5 to allot me the specified 2 hours time to get across the border.

That was a bit of a mistake.

For some reason (and not because of PAX… I live in Calgary. Not exactly the hotspot I make it out to be) there were HUNDREDS of people heading through US customs that day. Thankfully, I had no problems and no hiccups, and I glided through there… in about an hour and a half. Thankfully, by the time I got to my gate, I still had time to grab some breakfast. There was a Starbucks** right next door, so I went there and grabbed a cup of joe and a muffin.

I look in my wallet… and my new, got-it-so-I’d-have-a-debit-card-that’d-work-in-the-States debit card is gone. Upon a moment’s reflection, I realize it’s in the shorts I wore the night before, having been used to pay for pizza. I still have a(n unembossed) credit card, a no-idea-if-it’ll-work-in-the-States debit card, and a small amount of US cash, so paying for breakfast is no problem. Paying for the REST of my trip? That one might be.

So, I fly to Boston via Phoenix, utterly devouring the Discworld novel Going Postal and cursing the fact that I’m not on the same flight as The Spoony One, arriving around 8:30 to relatively little fanfare (though I was a LITTLE unsure on which DoubleTree I was supposed to go to, but I gambled on the one that wasn’t hella far away from the convention centre PAX was being held at). I arrive to see my buddy Brainwalker, who is glad to see me alive (I guess somehow it got across that I was supposed to arrive a lot earlier) and ChrisCordeus, the Swede who looks like a Nazi. (Seriously, check out some of his ID sometime… it’s eerie.)

Once I got settled (and once I checked in... I didn't quite do those in order), the three of us headed off to CVS pharmacy to grab snacks and cheap cell phones ($40 for a cheap new phone vs. a billionty dollars to use my own phone? Yeah, no-brainer). As we were browsing around, my lack of chewing gum*** on my last flight caught up with me and my nose started bleeding. PROFUSELY. The clerks grabbed me some paper towel, but it was about as absorbent as plastic wrap after a stint in a kiln. So I basically barely held back the blood with a pinched bridge and paper that quickly became useless. Finally, Christian BOUGHT some tissues, and I crammed them up both nostrils. Thoroughly miserable-ified, I paid for my cell phone and minutes and headed back to the hotel for sleep.

Thankfully, the nose thing? Low point of the trip. The higher points to come... later this week!

*Was initially going to be my sister, but mom wasn't working that day, so...

**Not my favourite, but any food port in a hunger storm.

***For those of you who don't fly much, chew gum when you're landing. Having earbuds that go into your ear canal helps too. Anything to help your ears pop. Especially if you stopped reading the rest of the entry to read this. Yeah.